Weather and Citrus Supplies

With the recent rains and future rain forecasts the supplies of California citrus has been challenging. Rains and fog have delayed normal harvesting, pre-booking and advanced ordering a key to getting covered. Please voice your needs in advance for us to better help you.

Chilean Grapes and Tree Fruit

Excellent time to promotional Chilean Grapes and Tree Fruit
Ample supplies of Red Seedless, Green Seedless, and Red Globes, Black Seedless light volume.
Excellent supplies of Peaches and Nectarines in VF and 2-layer, Red, Black Plums and Pluots
Available in 2-layer and VF.

Custom Produce Sales - Yuma transition

Custom Produce will transition to our seasonal Yuma distribution center
CPS Yuma will be operational November 14, 2016.
We will maintain our main shipping operations at Parlier, CA year round.

Grapes! Grapes! Grapes!

California Grapes peak of the harvest.
We are in the peak of freshness and harvest on California Grapes
Thompson, Pristine, Autumn King and a several other varieties of
Green Grapes are now available. On Red Seedless, Scarlet Royals,
Sweet Celebration, Crimson and others...

California Stone fruit season

California Stone fruit season coming to the end.
Peaches will continue for the next few weeks but volume will decrease as more growers
Are finishing for the season, mostly large tray packs few volume fill 56 and larger.

There will be a few white peaches left to harvest sizing...

Chilean Kiwi

We will be receiving Chilean Kiwi this week with more arriving.
Sizing is reported to be mostly large fruit coming from Chile,
but we have food service sizes 39 and 36's available. Please call for promotional pricing.

California Tree Fruit

California Tree Fruit has started with Apricots, Peaches, Nectarines both Yellow and White varieties, Red and Black Plums.
Moderate sized fruit and increasing volume daily.

California Cherries

Cherries have started with a little set back due to weather but should increase in the next few days! Let us know how we may be able to help getting some cherries for you.

Chilean Tree Fruit

Chilean Tree Fruit update
Prices and supplies are finally starting to stabilize. Yellow Peaches and Nectarines mostly large 2-layer, very little VF with more availability in Nectarines than peaches. White Peaches and White Nectarines are available in limited supplies mostly 2-layers. Plums...

Mango Supplies

Mango supplies have tightening up, with the Peru import season finishing and the first flush of Mexican Red mangos harvested leaving small volume left to pick until the next areas and next major crop set to be harvested there will be about a two weeks short supply situation that will make things...