Newsletter 6-29-09

n. Quality out of the desert is still good to excellent. Honeydew market is similar to the Cantaloupe market with large sizes plentiful and smaller sizes limited. Westside district has started with Nogales finishing up. Quality on Honeydews is also good to excellent. Mixed melons are also going with most varieties.

Watermelons Watermelon pulls for the holiday have been good and local pulls will continue through this week. Markets seem to be softening slightly as more fruit is being harvested in Central CA. Quality is very good to excellent on both seeded and seedless. There is a heat wave moving across the states and watermelon will be quite popular, so be sure to have plenty in stock!!

Grapes The Coachella and Mexican seasons are drawing to a close. We will have decent supplies of Flames, and Sugarones still available from both districts this week but should taper off dramatically by the end of the week. We will have decent supplies of Flames being picked this week from Arvin to Fresno.

Citrus Navels: Domestic is finished. Offshore is starting to come in from Australia & Peru, Chilean should start in the next few weeks. Valencias: Good supplies of 88’s & smaller both fancy & choice. Regreening is starting to show up. Market is steady. Lemons: Good supplies of domestic available. 140’s & larger is advancing weekly. Quality is very good. Offshore is starting to come in now. Grapefruit: Star’s are finishing up and Marsh Ruby will be the variety for the balance of the summer. Blush on the Ruby is very light. This will improve as we get into warmer temperatures.

Vegetables Green, Red & Yellow Bell Pepper market is very strong. Demand very strong going east. Zucchini and Yellow Squash market showing strength due to mid west demand. Cucumber market is strong due to east coast demand.

Tree Fruit Peach: Sizing is improving, with better supplies especially on large 2-layer, volume fill still tight on 60’s and smaller, and a few more 56VF becoming available. Peach volume should pick up after the 4th. Nectarines: Still light supplies but more 2-layers available than VF. Production and volume light next week, could be difficult next week. White Nectarines, mostly small VF, but size will improve with the next varieties. Apricots: Volume limited and finishing for the season. Plums: are easier to get with heavier supplies of Blacks. Blacks sizing is running a little larger than Reds, few Pluots around. Cherries: California shippers finished, Washington is the new Cherry producing area, consolidation available with notice. Blueberries: Demand good, supplies fair, mostly 6 oz and 1-pints, very few 4.4 oz. Kiwi: The market good on both coasts. 39’s and smaller supplies are tight, good supplies of 33 and larger. Asian Pears: California new crop just around the corner. Chilean fruit is also available in Brown and a few Yellow skin.

Pineapple Are available in full pallets loading FOB Los Angeles Area. We can break pallet and load split (3 counts) in Parlier or Salinas with notice. Market is lower, light supplies, movement sluggish. Most fruit from Costa Rica, Mexico and Hawaii. Shippers struggling with holdover inventories, but report lighter supplies in the next week or so.

Potatoes All colors available, reds being the tightest variety. Sweet Potatoes pretty much done. Yams still going. Look for August for new crop of Sweets and Yams.

Onions Tight supplies and high demand keeping yellow market strong. It looks like, with New Mexico off on yield and weather issues, it could stay this way until August/September. Reds and Whites steady. FAT BOY ITALIAN RED ONIONS – going strong and everyone LOVES them! Book now.