Late Season Angeleno Plums

We have availability of our late season Angeleno Plums
"State Pride" Label. Grown in a later district and are just finishing being packed. As most shippers are shipping out of storage that could be several weeks old.
We have been known to have one of the last fresh pack Angelinos.

New Crop California Pears

New Crop California Bartlett Pears in full production, excellent promotional supplies. Red Pears have also started, Bosc Pears starting next week. Varietal Pears starting soon.

On The Go Grapes

New Item!!!!
Food Service/Retail Grape Cups
3.5 oz of grapes per cup.

Fatboy & Sweet Talkin' Grapes

We have our started Flame Seedless available in our"Fatboy" & "Sweet Talkin'" labels.
Quality is size is excellent and ready for promotion.

Food Service PMA-Monterey, CA

We will be attending the Food Service PMA in Monterey, CA
and will be staffing our booth and presenting our product line.
Stop on by if you are attending.

Newsletter 6-29-09

Custom Produce Sales

Melons Cantaloupe supplies are good on large sizes (9’s & Larger), but very limited on 15’s & smaller. Transition will start by the weekend with the Westside district starting and the desert winding dow

Fatboy Italian Sweet Red Onions

Fatboy Italian Sweet Red Onions stated to start May 15th. Sweet, mild and great for that summer BBQ hamburger.

Custom Produce Sales 20th Anniversary Shipper Appreciation BBQ

On May 15th, 2009 CPS will host it's annual Shipper Appreciation BBQ.

California Cherries

California Cherries season is just around the corner with Brooks and Tualre varieties projected to start mid/late April and Bings in mid May.

One Call - One Pick

The produce industry is constantly changing and in order for Custom Produce to remain on the cutting edge, we now offer a full line of California citrus, Melons, Grapes and Vegetables at one state of the art facility in the heart of Salinas, CA. and Yuma, AZ.