Custom Produce Sales Solar Install

Custom Produce Sales - Solar installation

Custom Produce Sales (CPS) has installed a 750 kilowatt, 2460 panel
solar array. The project was completed in August 2014, and is currently supplementing power needs to our cold storage and office.

Cenergy Power was the Solar...

Yuma Consolidation Transition

Custom Produce Sales has started loading out of our seasonal Yuma AZ, Consolidation Dock. All item are available to load, please allow additional notice to transfer items.

CPS Parlier Consolidation loading dock is available on a year round basis.

2015 Foodservice PMA Monterey, CA

Custom Produce Sales will be attending the Food Service PMA in Monterey California on July 26, 2015 Booth #121, please contact your representative and stop by the booth and visit with our team.

Pomegranates, Quince, and Asian Pears..... Oh my-

Fall is upon us. Pomegranates, Quince and Asian Pears have started for the season. Other commodities that have a late summer start and continue through the fall are- California Granny Smith Apples, Bartlett Pears and Bosc Pears.

California Pears and Apples

California Bartlett Pears for the River District are almost finished packing for the season, it has been a early and very quick season this year. Mountain and Lake Districts will follow quickly. Volume has been down this year from10-15%. The Bosc pears will start in about 1 week but will be down...

"Sweet Talkin" & Fat Boy"..........................

We will begin harvesting our world famous ”Sweet Talkin“ and “Fat Boy“ Flame Seedless and Summer Royals this week . The crop is excellent this season with great size and condition. Thompson Seedless will start in a couple of weeks. We will have good ad volume available by next week.

Washington Cherries

Washington Cherries are finishing quickly. A few shippers will be finishing this week with the remaining wrapping up packing/shipping in the next couple weeks.

Red Seedless

Red Seedless are extremely tight. Transitioning from Coachella to Central Valley.Volume should improve in two weeks.

April 30, 2014 Tree Fruit Update

Starting almost two week earlier than normal, the California Tree Fruit season is underway. With White and Yellow Peaches, White and Yellow Nectarines, Apricots and a few plums. Volumes have been limited with smaller sizes but both should improve over the next few weeks.

Cherries are...

Fruit Update

Tree Fruit- California
Has started in limited ... see more