Yuma Cooler Transition

Yuma Cooler will be closing for the season on Saturday, March 29th.
All shipments from March 31st forward, will be from
Custom Produce Sales - Parlier or
Custom Produce Sales - Castroville.

Melon Season Approximate Starting Dates

Imperial Valley May 5th thru June 23rd
Blythe, Yuma, and Central Arizona May 12th thru July 14th
Bakersfield, Kern County June 2nd thru July 7th
Westside District July 1st thru Oct. 15th
Blythe, Yuma, and Central Arizona Oct. 1st thru Dec. 8th

Chilean Kiwifruit

It is being reported that the Kiwi market may see some record prices this coming season.

With two freezes in Chile during the growing season there will be supplies this year but volume may be down as much as 70 percent.

California Pears - Earlier Start for 2013

The California Pear Harvest is about 10 days ahead from previous years.
Sunsprite Pears will start around June 24th and Bartlett Pears starting around
July 5th, with Red Pears around July 5 or earlier.

Truck Transportation getting tough?

Making multiple pickups? Having a hard time finding trucks to make multiple pick ups economically? Are your loading times delaying arrivals, and are you having to buy shorts to cover orders? Missing delivery times?

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California Cherries - Get them quick before they are gone

The California Cherry season is coming to a quick finish this year. Smaller crop and earlier start is bring the season to its end. Volume is declining and most growers should be finished by end of next week.

FATBOY Italian Sweet Red Onions

Now shipping new crop "FATBOY" Italian Sweet Red Onions!

40 pound carton 49 per pallet, loading Parlier, CA

Damage reported in recent cold weather in Mexico.

Recent cold weather in Mexico.

Reported 15000 hectars damaged with up to 5000 hectars as total loss.

This occured January 12 to the 16th when freesing temperatures swept through Mexico's Southern Sonora.

Summer Fruit Starts Delayed

California Cherries season has come and gone with supplies and quality disrupted by rains and cool weather. Northwest Cherries production slowly ramps up. Demand has been brisk on limited volume going into the July 4th pull but should see promotional volume next week.

California Apples,...

2011 Summer Season

The summer season is finally started, although it’s a slow start. With the cool weather delaying and hampering production we are getting into Cherries, Peaches, Plums, Nectarines and Apricots. Grapes from Mexico and Coachella, Melons from Mexico and Desert Area.

Peppers, Eggplant and...