Our Mission

Our mission is to be the leader in providing the highest quality produce and service to our customers. Custom Produce Sales will accomplish this mission by continuing to build relationships with our three most important resources, our employees, growers, and suppliers. Achievement of this goal will enable us to provide our customers with product and information allowing them to maximize their profits. We will accept nothing less than accurate, efficient and friendly service that exceeds customer expectations, and will strive to maintain this standard daily.

Our Story

Custom Produce Sales started in 1989 as a service oriented distribution company specializing in consolidation for the food service industry. Over the years, we have grown into the premier shipper and consolidation company in California’s Central Valley.

Having started from humble beginnings, the principals of Custom Produce Sales have always followed the motto of “hard work and satisfying customer needs” as the key to business growth. Today, we have sales offices and distribution warehouses throughout the United States, serving hundreds of customers throughout the world all while focusing on foodservice and retail. Custom Produce Sales successfully ships over 8 million packages of fruits and vegetables with an expanding list of over 80 commodities.

For over three decades, Custom Produce Sales success has been built on quality produce, customer service, and a deep commitment within the produce industry. With our expanding commodity list, custom packaging, quality growers, convenience of consolidation, and transportation we make it a convenient and cost-effective one-stop/one-pick for all of our customers.