For Our Foodservice Customers

Our select produce for the foodservice industry is especially geared towards restaurants, cafeterias, schools, hotels, and Institutions. Our foodservice split packs are packed to order, highly graded, bar-coded, quality checked, palletized, strapped or shrink-wrapped, and packed in specially designed sturdy boxes, and are pre-staged for appointment loading.

For Our Retail Customers

Retail customers will find that we have the highest standard of quality and food safety. With year-round supplies of most products, we are able to offer year-round programs and contracts. Quality and condition are checked at every level, from harvesting, to packing, and shipping. We also have the capability to adjust retail-ready pack styles as needed for retail and club stores. We take pride in all aspects of our retail partnerships from harvesting, to on-time delivery; with a positive attitude and an eagerness to provide great service with integrity.

For Our Wholesale Customers

Our wholesale partners will find the same high quality and food safety standards that all of our partners have come to expect from us. We are able to offer opportunity buys with our full line of products, freight availability, and year-round supply. We have the ability to breakdown pallets and consolidate multiple products as requested. We work with our wholesale customers to accomplish the same goal of reaching consumers with our products.

For Our Growers/Suppliers

We have great relationships with our Growers/Suppliers, both of which are fully vetted by our food safety team. Growers/Suppliers must adhere to the highest safety standards with third-party audits for Food Safety and Social Responsibility. Our Growers produce a variety of products; grapes, melons, specialty plums, peaches, nectarines, and specialty citrus. They always have the consumer’s needs in mind when planting and harvesting; overseeing all aspects of production with their boots on the ground. Our supplier partners have become an intricate part of our business with our long-term relationships they know what we require and adhere to all standards without hesitation.